Digital’s BIG Short

Thanks to the digital transformation,
Marketing’s bubble is about to pop
and just like the housing and financial crash of 2008
nobody is paying attention

With soaring digital marketing budgets and endless mainstream messaging around act-now-or-lose-out digital transformation, businesses are blindly hurdling towards brand disaster.

In a stark and sobering parallel to the 2008 financial and housing market crash that destroyed the global economy, Digital’s BIG short clearly outlines how and why present day marketing practices are falling short and if left unaddressed:

  • Millions in revenue will be lost
  • Hundreds of thousands of jobs will disappear overnight
  • Consumers will cease to engage with brands in the digital world 

Hidden in the myriad of reports, how-to articles and pro-digital narrative are dominant and evidence-based facts that, if heeded, will reshape business strategy and provide specific actions for brand success in today’s digital world.

One thing remains:

Will businesses figure it out in time or, will we all experience the digital crash and witness the end of marketing as we know it?

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Kevin Adema is a digital strategist, keynote speaker, marketing and digital transformation consultant and author of Mastering Digital Strategy; a 5-course certified training program where he teaches marketers how to properly deploy customer-centric marketing in today’s sociologically changed, digital-first world.

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©  2020  Emissary Insights LLC. All rights reserved.

©  2020  Emissary Insights LLC. All rights reserved.

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